Become a Volunteer

Thank you for being willing to give your time and talent to serve God as a volunteer in our ministry. God designed you to serve in an area based on your passions, gifts, and talents. There are presently six volunteer opportunities for anyone willing to serve God with us.

  • Serve as a Phone Volunteer
  • Serve as a Prayer Partner
  • Serve as a Mentor
  • Serve as a Counselor
  • Serve as a social Media Page Moderator
  • Serve as a Guest Writer

help us serve!

Become a part of the Prayer Connect family. 

Make a lasting impact on others. Get plugged into the opportunity that best fits your unique gifts and interests. 

Here at Prayer Connect, we welcome and appreciate those who would like to volunteer their time. It takes many hands and many hearts to make our ministry operate the way it does! Come jump in!

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six volunteer opportunities to serve

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Phone Volunteers

Receives the phone calls that come from those needing prayer or someone to talk to in time of distress. Phone Volunteers listen to prayer requests and then pray with the callers. The volunteer shares the prayer request with the Prayer Team, which then make the request public to be held in prayer for an extended time or made confidential (based on the requester’s preference)

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The Prayer Mentor

The Prayer Mentor program is designed to provide spiritual direction, wisdom, encouragement and training/coaching to those needing growth in their prayer life.

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Social Media Page Moderator

A social media moderator will manage our social media pages. He/she will respond to comments, send messages, create ads, and view insights, but does not allow posting and deleting.

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Become a Prayer Partner:

Category one is when you receive weekly prayer requests via email and pray for the persons in need. Category two: There are people in need of a personal trusted prayer partner to agree with them in prayer over an issue for a certain period of time. When such requests come, we choose from the pool of our prayer partners to connect to them.

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Prayer Counseling

The Pastoral Counseling Ministry has pastoral counselors available to meet with anyone dealing with personal or family life challenges. The Pastoral Counseling Team is dedicated to providing a compassionate listening ear and sound Biblical advice. It is a counseling approach based in Biblical Christian faith, activated and applied through prayers to offer godly, biblical, spirit-filled counsel. People who find themselves in pain and need with nowhere to turn to or no one to talk to can seek the help of our prayer counselors.

Guest Writers

We welcome guest writers who are willing to write prayer-related articles that are original and not plagiarized. We welcome anyone to contribute to our blog. If you would like to be considered as a guest writer on our blog and social media, please click the link to fill the form below.