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About us

Prayer Connect, otherwise known as PrayerCentric is a full-fledged international & interdenominational prayer ministry. We are a community of PRAYERCENTRIC believers that are very passionate about the things of God, and because of this, we have a passion for people, our city, and our world. We offer Intercessory Prayers, Online Prayer Training, Mentoring and Counseling. We help you to grow prayerfully through our online prayer coaching and daily devotional prayer. Prayer Connect is exactly what the name implies.

We Connect [people to God through prayer] We Pray [to God] and
We Affect [lives] positively!

Our vision and mission is to globally mobilize and train God’s people for prayers that brings revival and spiritual awakening, thus revolutionizing their prayer lives. We are in existence to continually touch the very heart of God through prayer and intercession.

Our focus

IWe are to pray without ceasing by going boldly to the throne, making our requests known to God. God tells us in John 14:14, “…that if we ask anything in His name, He will do it.”

Part of our vision is to equip every Church in every city to become an effective, joyful “house of prayer for all nations” (Isa 56:7).

PrayerCentric- VISION & MISSION

Our mission is to be a global prayer movement, focusing on prayer and fasting for spiritual revival across the world by helping people become PrayerCentric and to connect them to Christ through prayer. Read more

PrayerCentric - The Mandate

Our Mandate is to “Connect others with Jesus. We take seriously the mandate to be a “House of Prayer” as commissioned by Jesus Christ and to live a sanctified life as we persist in the place of prayer. Read more

PrayerCentric - What We believe

Our profession of faith begins with God, for God is the First and Last, the beginning and the end of everything. We confess that the Bible is the written and inspired Word of God to guide us Read more.

PrayerCentric - The President

He is a vessel with a strong passion for the Lord. He is addicted to doing what God sent him to the world to do and it is to preach the Gospel wherever God takes him. Get to know him.   Read more

PrayerCentric - The Team 2

Our Leadership Team consists of men and women drawn from various denominations across the world. An encounter with them is sure to change your life for good. They carry God’s fire.  Read more

You may want to write an endorsement about our ministry or know what other various leaders in the body of Christ across the world are saying about Prayer Connect; then follow this link Read more

about rcmi

Royal Connecting Ministries International, Inc. (RCMI) is incorporated in Nigeria and is the umbrella body for Prayer Connect which started in Nigeria since 2010. Prayer Connect has made it a daily duty to teach the believers in Christ on how to pray, through her daily prayer posts on Facebook and websites and through organizing programs across Churches.

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our story

Prayer Connect started in November 2010 through a vision of the night given to his chosen servant, Rev Sola Adewuyi.

God appeared to him and told him he would raise up a prayer ministry by his hand to liberate souls from the clutches of the enemies and bring divine healing and total freedom to those in bondage of sickness in a way that would glorify his name and draw souls unto Him.

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our promise

  • Keep confidences
  • Be a safe place
  • Listen to you and listen to God
  • Ask that God will reveal His heart to you
  • Believe that God heals and restores
  • Thank God for what He is doing
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PrayerCentric - Our Promise